Keller RV Storage East
4520 Keller Hicks Road
Fort Worth, TX 76244
Keller RV Storage West
4236 Keller Hicks Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76244

When storing your boat, keep these tips in mind:

  • Prepare your engine in accordance with the owner’s manual.  In winter, this will normally include:
    • draining and flushing the cooling system
    • draining and refilling the crankcase
    • applying oil to inside of each cylinder through the spark plug holes;
    • other preservative actions recommended by your boat’s manufacturer.
  • Thoroughly clean the hull, decks, cockpit, bilge, all compartments, lockers and the exterior of the engine and coat with an appropriate wax or preservative.
  • Drain fuel lines, pumps, carburetor and tanks or fill completely and add fuel stabilizer.
  • Leave all floorboards up, doors ajar, ports and skylights open, hatches partly open, drawers and lockers open.
  • Carefully fit a well-made cover, provided with ventilation ports.
  • Don’t forget the trailer:  check tire pressure; check and pack wheel hubs if necessary and lubricate jack.