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Winterizing Tips

Empty out personal items and sewage:

Before taking an RV to storage, it is necessary to empty out all holding tanks in an appropriate manner, especially the black water tank.  It is not acceptable to empty tanks in a city drain; always use a designated RV dump station.  Besides cleaning out the mechanics of the rig, the indoor living space should also be thoroughly inspected.  Food, bedding, towels, leisure activities, and essentialsthat may be needed while the motorhome or trailer is stowed away for the winter, should be relocated or packed in an organized manner until the following season.   

Inventory Items Remaining in the Vehicle:

Anything that will be left in the camper, such as kitchen tools and utensils, or bathroom toiletries, should be added to a list and filed with important paperwork.  If at any time there is a question or concern about what has remained within the unit, this list will serve as a source of the inventory so it will be easy to find.


Deep Clean the Rig and set traps:

Nobody wants to head into the first trip of the new season with a dirty and infested RV.  Deep clean the bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and air out the mattresses.  Make certain to sweep out any debris and set and and mouse traps depending on the type of holding space the vehicle will be stored in.


Perform End of season RV Repairs:

As with any vehicle that will be sitting for a period of time, it is necessary to take care of any minor or major problems that would be worsened by inactivity and weather.  Motorhomes require additional inspection due to engine wear which is not necessary in trailer style campers.  Depending on the length of the RV will be sitting, it might be beneficial to remove the battery to extend its life.  Travel trailers, fith wheels, and folding campers also have technical needs to inspect such as air conditioning, gas lines and tires.  If leaving the campter outdoors is the only option available, consider purchasing a cover to protect the exterior of your RV.